In the unfortunate event you are dissatisfied with the service EDAM Group has provided in respect of its claims management activities, our complaints procedure is detailed below.


We understand that we do not always get things right every time and sometimes customers will feel it necessary to complain. We take every complaint we receive from a customer very seriously; logging, investigating, resolving and reporting back to customers where our service has not met our usual high standards.

On this page we have provided contact details should you wish to report a complaint, details of our complaints process as well as other helpful information about timings and the regulatory bodies that oversee our complaints process.

Our promise to you:

  •  Acknowledge your complaint promptly.
  • Resolve your complaint at the earliest opportunity.
  • Communicate our decisions clearly and fairly and let you know what you can do if you are still unhappy.
  • Learn from our mistakes in order to improve our services and products we offer.
How to Make a Complaint

We deal with all customer complaints in a fair and prompt way. Complaints can be made verbally or in writing, via telephone, email or post.

To raise a complaint with us please:

Write to..

The Customer Experience Manager
New Acre House
Shentonfield Road
M22 4RW

Call us on..

0345 8000 800

Or Email us at..

How our complaint process works

We find most complaints can be resolved by speaking directly to the manager of the team responsible for your claim. We will aim to resolve your complaint as soon as possible, normally within three business days, at which point we will send you confirmation in writing that your complaint has been resolved. On occasions, we will requite a bit longer to resolve your complaint and in this case we will send you an acknowledgement telling you when we hope to reach a decision. We will then continue to keep you updated on our progress.

We will try to resolve the problem and provide an answer within four weeks. In some cases, it may take us more than four weeks – but we will advise you of any further time we require – and you will receive a full and final response within eight weeks or the original complaint being made. The response will either:

  • Uphold your complaint; telling you why and what action we intend to carry out to put this right for you or..
  • If we do not uphold your complaint, we  will explain our reasons for doing so