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How consumer behaviour is changing the accident management industry

In a world where next-day delivery has been surpassed by within-the-hour doorstep drop-offs, the idea of an instant response and resolutions has changed the way consumers behave almost overnight. Now, instant gratification has almost become the ‘new norm’, with consumers expecting an immediate response in other areas of their lifestyles too.

Whereas Amazon Prime’s advanced same day delivery services seemed like a breakthrough just a few years ago, to Tesco’s Whoosh service which now promises a delivery from as little as 20 minutes, the expectation for an immediate response is being met more and more by big brand names.

Within the service industry, however, keeping up with these changes in consumer behaviour means exploring ways to streamline processes, keep touchpoints to a minimum and being open and transparent about what’s going on, all whilst ensuring customer service is kept to not just high, but excellent standards.

However, this isn’t as simple to execute as it may sound.

Consumers expect realistic timeframes

The service industry can be a tricky place to navigate when it comes to managing consumer behaviour, as there are so many moving parts, stakeholders and reliance on other factors, some of which can be global. Take accident management, for example.

As much as we would like to, no-one would be able to repair a vehicle, source the correct parts or get an automotive service claim closed quicker, without compromising on safety.

Vehicle technicians need to take their time in diagnosing and fixing a repair on any vehicle type, and it’s no secret that the industry is still facing the effects of a global parts shortage. Because of this, there is a common thought that any automotive claims may take a little longer to resolve. Not only is this frustrating for the client, but it’s also an inconvenience for accident management services too, who want to deliver a quick turnaround.

However, this parts shortage and preference to not skip corners on a vehicle repair, will be very well accepted by most clients. We are all human after all, and if there are delays, then there are delays, and services like EDAM will never be less than honest about those deadlines.

We’ll share updates with clients as soon as we get them ourselves, so that everyone is aware of the same timeline and schedule. But to us, it’s all about setting those realistic, achievable expectations. Ones we can stick to and manage properly, because above all, we believe that…

Consumers expect honesty and transparency

We take the care to ensure that each element of our service is delivered transparently with the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency at EDAM, and we will never be less than 100% honest with our clients.

To us, honesty is so important because we completely understand how stressful an automotive incident can be, and that disruption to daily life can be difficult to navigate. But our job is to make your customers feel comfortable and by putting your trust and faith in EDAM we guarantee that you can always count on our honesty, commitment and transparency in return.

That’s why we have made it our mission to ensure that everyone at EDAM shares the same collective passion for service excellence, by continuously growing together, improving ourselves, our systems, our services and processes to deliver best in class accident management services to deliver a fully transparent, trustworthy service.

Consumers expect as few touch points as possible   

Some accident management service providers choose to outsource different aspects of their operations in an effort to improve their customer service. When this is done correctly, it can have very positive business benefits, but it also means that there’s a greater emphasis on communication between all the different parties. If that doesn’t work well then any breakdown will soon be felt by the customer and that’s when service fails.

Unless a common source of information is used in models like this there’s a high risk that a client may find themselves repeating what they’ve already said. That can be frustrating if it happens once. If it happens multiple times that becomes a complaint.

With EDAM however, clients will only ever deal with an EDAM employee throughout the entire process, and they will have access to a small, dedicated team who will keep them informed at every step of the claims journey.  Our goal is to ensure that we’ll never ask a client to “tell us again.”

Consumers expect service excellence as standard

And so do we.

At EDAM, our professional mobility solutions means that whilst your client’s vehicle is getting repaired, we’ll get them moving again with our very own nationwide fleet. From SUVs and vans, through to prestige and electric vehicles too, we’re able to place your clients in a suitable vehicle which meets their exact needs, limiting any further disruption and offering a seamless, expert customer service.

What’s more, we have also created a nationwide repair network with well-established and reputable providers, all of which work as a trusted extension of our team and Brand.

We operate one of the largest and modern wholly owned fleets which coupled with our repair network ensures EDAM offer the very best in post-accident management services, making a difficult journey easier.

With help from your trusted partner

At EDAM, we’re a team dedicated to you. Our people share our values, and with Simon Gallimore and Nikki Nagra as the face of our company, they both lead our teams by embedding our principles into the work they do each and every day.

From sharing a common goal in being driven to be the best we can be, to having the spirit to continuously improve, everyone at EDAM shares the same collective passion for service excellence. So much so that our mission is to continuously grow together, improving ourselves, our systems, our services and processes to deliver best in class accident management services. In fact, this is even reflected in our very own business name, as EDAM stands for Empathy, Driven, Accountable and Making it happen for your customers.

Together, our entire team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the most comprehensive and best in class accident management services, and we’re proud to say that we have been partnering with Insurers, Brokers, MGAs, TPAs and CMCs alike for over 20 years to build a reputable network.

But above all, we’re here to do a very important job, and that is to make a difficult journey easier. And you can rest assured that with EDAM, we will do everything in our power to make that happen.  

To find out more about us, reach out today.