At EDAM Group we work in partnership with you to enhance your policyholders experience and pride ourselves on providing an exemplary customer journey evidenced by our market leading Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Our ethical approach is underpinned by our values and our ongoing success in building partnerships with insurers.

EDAM concentrates on delivering a seamless customer experience with particular focus on aspects of the credit hire that can be challenges for other providers.


Do you struggle to provide your policyholders with the correct category of credit hire vehicle?

At EDAM, our fleet is rich in prestige vehicle marques, making us the perfect partner to meet the specific needs of customers with such requirements.

  • We have a strong presence in the prestige credit hire market, with the right vehicles on our fleet to provide comparable replacements every time.
  • We offer the reassurance of high claims conversion.
  • Our market-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) is evidence of an exemplary customer journey.
  • Our policy of regular fleet renewal ensures that policyholders benefit from nearly new, quality vehicles.

As an insurer, do you feel that under-21 credit hire can sometimes present a challenge?

Some suppliers see the provision of vehicles to drivers under 21 as a high-risk hire, but EDAM is here to take away that problem.

  • We offer the reassurance of high claims conversion.
  • All claims are handled in-house by our experienced team.
  • Our market-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) is evidence of an exemplary customer journey.

We would be delighted to work with you to create an under-21 hire model that meets the needs of you and your policyholders.

By choosing EDAM, you can be sure your policyholders will experience an exemplary service exactly when they need it.

For more information about how we can add value to your service contact us today.

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At EDAM Group, delivering the best possible customer experience is fundamental to what we do. To demonstrate this commitment, we have introduced NPS, a customer-loyalty metric that is universally recognised and widely adopted for assessing customer service excellence.
Our Values
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As a business we are proactive, flexible and agile, with an emphasis on delivering great service to our partners and to drivers involved in a motor-vehicle accident. Our team plays an essential role in making this happen, so we invest a great deal to help them gain all the skills they need to do a great job.
Our Compliance
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EDAM Group has gained Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) accreditation. This places the group in a strong position ahead of the plans for the credit industry to be regulated by the authority.