At EDAM Group we aim to deliver a seamless journey for your customers from accident to repair upholding your brand values every step of the way.


Being involved in a collision can be a stressful time. Increasingly, customers are contacting their vehicle manufacturer or servicing dealer directly for help and advice.

It’s the reason why EDAM has a branded accident aftercare solution for onward mobility and a seamless customer experience.

  • Our 24/7/365 service has the option to be delivered as a white label service.
  • Our exemplary customer experience delivers a market-leading Net Promoter Score.
  • Repairs are placed with your approved body shops to increase sales of parts and labour.
  • Credit repair enhances the body shop’s unit cost of repair.
  • 100% Original Equipment manufacturer parts and equipment fitted.
  • Vehicles recovered from the accident scene (if legally un-roadworthy).
  • Help with personal injury queries.
  • Ongoing field support for retail staff.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses recovered.
  • We’re a low litigation, insurer-friendly business that keeps frictional costs to a minimum.
  • You will be supplied with comprehensive management information.

For more information about how we can add value to your service contact us today.

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At EDAM Group, delivering the best possible customer experience is fundamental to what we do. To demonstrate this commitment, we have introduced NPS, a customer-loyalty metric that is universally recognised and widely adopted for assessing customer service excellence.
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