Customers First

As Operations Director, my key focus is ensuring that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. I am really passionate about the service that we provide here at EDAM and I’m really proud of our market leading, world class Net Promoter Score (NPS) which evidences our efforts in this respect.

Achieving this type of rating is the result of operating with absolute integrity in every all our activities. Our claims qualification process is as robust as our fraud detection process. We always ensure there is a genuine need for a replacement vehicle by asking the right questions. We provide a vehicle which matched the customer’s need and we monitor our services correctly throughout the period of hire to ensure that our vehicle is returned once the customer’s has been repaired. When we create the invoice, we challenge it from the view of the insurer, to protect our customer but to ensure it will be fully recoverable.

We use several methods to obtain a 360 view of the service we are providing. We are conscious that we may only provide our services for our customer once so our focus is always on providing a consistently high level of service. NPS is used to survey the customer on receipt of a replacement vehicle but also following collection of the replacement vehicle to ensure that our service is to our usual high standard and consistent throughout the period of hire. If we receive a detractor score we will contact the customer to get some more information to understand how we can improve. We also use external platforms like TrustPilot and to gather feedback providing multiple options for the customer. Where things have gone wrong, we apologise and we learn from our mistakes.

We have an FCA compliant complaints process, which means we log every expression of dissatisfaction, investigate and respond within the required timeframes and we ensure that we are always treating the customers fairly.

As we aim to provide a seamless service for our business partners it’s important that we seek their opinion on a regular, scheduled basis to make sure that their needs are being met regards the levels and quality of service we deliver to our mutual customers.
All feedback allows us to recognise any knowledge gaps and identifies opportunities to enhance our service offering further. It’s really important that our processes are fit for purpose and deliver the high levels customer satisfaction which allow to maintain our position as market leading service provider in the sector – an accolade we will never take for granted.

Tanya Power, Operations Director

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