EDAM: A vibrant, supportive culture supporting personal growth and development

At EDAM we pride ourselves on providing a great place to work, it’s something that dates back to when the founders started the business so we’ve invested time and energy making sure the culture is fantastic. And on the back of that we provide great jobs, careers and offer some great initiatives to help you progress down your chosen route.

Opportunities for everyone

We have offices in Manchester and Sunderland and also depots that stretch from the south coast all the way up to Falkirk in Scotland so opportunities are not limited to one location. We have a diverse range of roles within the business and genuinely have opportunities for anybody and everybody. There are roles in administration, litigation and all aspects of the claims and credit hire operations process. We also have all the specialist functions like human resources, marketing, sales and IT. For example we are designing our own systems so we’ve got opportunities for developers, project managers etc. all of which will support our ambitious growth plans.

We are really focused on providing people with everything they need to succeed. One of our values is Passionate and this is probably one of the areas where we demonstrate it the most. We take people into our business from the government’s Kickstart programme or the apprenticeship schemes, so people can join with little or no experience and be assured that they are going to be given the skills and the knowledge they need to be successful. One of our other values is Innovative and we’ve invested a huge amount of time in developing our own bespoke training modules so when someone joins at entry level and they want to progress their career right through to a leadership role, the modules and the training we have developed make sure that everybody gets the skills that they need to be really good at what they do.

Career Development

We provide career paths for those who want to progress. We can help develop people into very technical roles, such as a litigation executive or recovery negotiator where there is case law to learn and we also have training and support to help people develop into a position where they are, for example, taking on their first team leader role. These support structures are there to give people the opportunity to progress if they want to, but we also recognise that some people are happy doing the job they do. We love that people enjoy what they do, so we provide, as part of our training Academy the opportunity to learn some new skills so that it keeps the day job fresh and engaging.

One Team Academy

One of our most recent developments is our One Team Academy, One Team being one of the business values. The Academy is a central resource that every single person in the organisation can access. It will cover everything from the initial orientation and induction into the business to the skills modules which might be required by someone progressing into one of our more technical roles.

Personal Review Process

We link the timing, the planning and development of our programmes to what’s called GTi which is our appraisal process. GTi stands for Grow, Thrive and Improve and it provides everybody the opportunity to discuss how they have done in their job, to agree what is expected of them and to identify areas for development. They can access the One Team Academy to develop the skills they need to progress their career or to help them do better in their role.

Top Right Leadership Programme

One of our most successful initiatives and something I’m particularly proud of is our Top Right leadership programme which we developed a couple of years ago. It’s a programme which defines what leadership is to us as an organisation, it’s based on our values, it’s not an off-the-shelf definition of leadership, it’s what leadership means for us at EDAM. That definition applies to every single job so whether it’s your first time leading a small group of people or whether you are the CEO, the definitions and the expectations the same. They define how you behave and bespoke training modules gives people the skills to be able to perform in that way supporting your team in a challenging and supportive way.

So what are you waiting for, check out the opportunities we have on offer and make your first move to joining a business that has people at the heart of everything it does.

Gary Mitchell, HR Director

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