New year, new look for EDAM Group!

Here at EDAM Group, the UK’s specialist provider of credit hire services, we have revealed our evolved brand identity to reflect the company’s evolving business aspirations.

The brand evolution is our first in 8 years and is designed to create a unified look across our businesses.

At the heart of the transformation is our new EDAM Group logo, presenting a contemporary feel, friendly font, bright colour palette and a nod to our automotive heritage with a car steering wheel encapsulated in the type.

The new approach further embraces and expands upon our strong brand values, with an eye catching icon in the new EDAM colour palette for each; innovation, respectful, integrity, passionate and fun, and most importantly one team.

Along with the visual changes immediately apparent, the tagline has also benefitted from a refresh, using clear language to explain what EDAM does. ‘Helping Drivers After An Accident’ replaces ‘people made, service driven’, with the latter remaining as an important brand positioning statement at the centre of the business’ culture.

In accordance with our strategic objectives for the future, the brand evolution brings greater consistency across all company wide communications, positioning EDAM for expansion into new markets as we respond to exceptional levels of growth.

“These are exciting times for EDAM.” said Chief Revenue Officer, Marc Lafferty. “Our rebrand celebrates that, along with the changes taking place throughout the business and our drive to do more and be more. We are evolving at a rapid pace and our contemporary evolved branding reflects both who we are and where we’re going.”

The new look can now be see across our website, social and digital platforms, as well as marketing collateral.

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