Keeping Our Finger on the Pulse

As a business we recognise that a good deal of our contact with customers is made at a time of considerable distress. That’s why we set up an initiative, to provide us with a 360 view of our customers; the plan not only ensures that both vehicle drivers, who have been involved in a non-fault accident, and our business partners are treated with empathy and understanding, it also provides for a programme of continual improvement to enhance the customer journey further.

The initiative set out to create a holistic view of the customer and provides visibility of all issues that could impact their journey. The project involved identifying the processes required to get visibility of these issues and then giving increased focus to these within the business.

The processes identified were:

  • Obtaining enhanced end customer feedback
  • Gathering Business partner feedback on an ongoing basis
  • Implementing an FCA compliant complaints process
  • Giving further focus to quality assurance activity

Appropriate resource was required to implement each strand of the initiative and the Senior Leadership team recognised the need to consolidate all aspects within one team. This highlighted to everyone across the business how important this initiative was in maintaining the EDAM’s position as market leading service provider in the credit hire sector; a key differentiator which will continue to support increased turnover.

Ensuring employee service delivery was absolutely key in the overall mix. Our in-house, award-winning training programmes were therefore used to make sure all customer-facing teams understood the importance of their interaction with the customer and the difference they could make to the customer experience.

Introducing Principles and Standards provided a clear and consistent metric for the quality control process. Establishing a complaints procedure ahead of time ensured a seamless transition to compliance with FCA regulations that became mandatory in April 2019. And implementing additional layers into the Net Promoter Survey (NPS) and using Trustpilot has delivered richer data to the business.

Combined with ongoing feedback from business partners, a structured approach has been developed to identify issues and trends which can be investigated through root cause analysis and used to make continual improvements to our service.

We believe it is working… and will continue to do so into the future! The initiative set out to maintain the business’s position as market leading service provider in the credit hire sector – it has helped us to surpass our expectations with impressive year-on-year growth and delivered an all-time high NPS of 87.

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