Matching Market Requirements: Regulatory Compliance

At EDAM our aim is to work for organisations which operate in a highly regularised environment with high level standards regularised by bodies such as the FCA. We believe that our culture has developed to mirror those standards.

As Group Legal Counsel I am responsible for embedding governance, risk and compliance in our company culture; it’s about making it an integral part of our processes, not just a tick box exercise. We approach this by behaving as if we are a PLC, although we clearly aren’t one, we adopt a culture that is akin to one which puts us in the right mindset.

We have worked hard to develop a culture where everyone is aware of their job in terms of compliance, everyone has a role, it’s not something that the compliance team do in isolation. Everyone knows that they have a role to play, however a compliant culture needs to be driven from the highest level in any organisation, and in that regard our Senior Leadership Team know they have to set standards high and lead the way.

There are numerous areas of governance and compliance that we focus on but fundamental to everything we do is our customers. Our regulator the FCA wants our potential customers to be confident and empowered in choosing our service, and that’s our aim too. From their first call into our operations centre to the delivery of a vehicle we aim to ensure we recognise and adopt our service when dealing with a vulnerable customer, and our people know the importance of always treating customers fairly.
By taking this approach and integrating the required processes into our culture we can meet the standards of the businesses we are looking to partner with; we believe that this has made us a credible organisation and that we operate with the required level of integrity to meet their needs.

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