Openness & Honesty: The Way Forward

The credit hire sector has evolved since its inception and suffered the growing pains all too common with a new market. Historically it is fair to say that the EDAM Group/EasiDrive may have been driven by the developing modus operandi and not been as clear of its position regards its interaction within the market it operates in.

As a business we strive to live by our values; one that is key to way we do business on a day-to-day basis is integrity. With this in mind, we now pride ourselves on setting standards which demonstrate a position of operational leadership within our sector.

We are striving to be open, honest and fair in the market within which we operate, transparency is key moving into the future. Any invoices which we intend to recover will have been rigorously checked in line with expectations of the market and our values.

At EDAM Group we are advocates of working within the General Trading Agreement (GTA) and collaborating with all who subscribe to it. This often derided framework, which is only guilty of needing to be refreshed, provides a structured framework to work within. It reduces any ambiguity and lessens the friction through to settlement of claim between insurers and firms like EDAM.

On all claims, EDAM will maintain an approach of attempting to settle without the need to litigate which remains our preferred option. However as the GTA allows should we not reach settlement within the agreed timescales our highly capable in-house litigation team stands ready to pursue those claims through the legal system on our behalf. We will continue to challenge our internal process to ensure that invoices and claims are of the highest quality which is how we can be confident that we are playing our part in settling as many claims as possible without the need for legal re-course.

This strategy will support our ongoing aim to build good relationships with our claims counterparts and the insurance sector as a whole. Our reputation is key, something we take very seriously, and we know it’s important to enhance cooperation within the industry. To be seen as a fair but firm organisation is our mantra.

We look forward to working with you all going forward.

Damian Parker, Director of Commercial and Legal Recoveries

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