Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When people define teamwork, they usually describe a group of people working efficiently and effectively towards a common goal. The term itself has no negative connotations — bad teamwork is simply a lack of teamwork.

However you define teamwork, there’s little doubt working as a team in the workplace is advantageous. Teamwork is key to the culture at EDAM, its woven into the way we operate and #oneteam is one of our core values and all our people are measured against these values as part of our GTi (Grow, Thrive, improve) appraisal programme. It’s should be key to any organisation because it brings multiple benefits, including:

  1. Increased Creativity

Teamwork brings together people with diverse experiences, skills, and work histories, creating the perfect environment for generating ideas and creative problem-solving. When employees work alone, there’s always the risk they’ll fall into established routines, stagnating rather than moving forward. Teamwork encourages employees to share experiences and learn from each other.

  1. More Enthusiasm

Collaboration builds excitement for a project, as members of a team feed off each other’s enthusiasm. It’s difficult to remain unengaged when your teammates are excited about a project. Positive attitudes are infectious.

  1. Complementary Skills

Being able to access other people’s skill sets is one of the great benefits of teamwork. You may shine in the area of conceptual thinking, while another team member may be the planning guru, and another thrives when giving presentations. Working with each other’s strengths makes your team more effective than when you work alone.

  1. Trust Building

Trust naturally develops when team members rely on each other. Increased trust builds and strengthens working relationships, creating an environment in which people can open up about concerns, offer new ideas, and encourage each other. A culture of trust drives productivity, as each person can focus on their own role in a project confident their teammates are fulfilling their obligations.

  1. Conflict Resolution

Part of the importance of teamwork is the fostering of healthy conflict resolution skills.

Working as a team doesn’t mean never having a disagreement — far from it. Team members may disagree regularly. A strong team, however, can disagree respectfully, listening to each other’s concerns and working together toward a mutually agreeable solution.

  1. Employee Ownership

Working towards a team goal gives employees a sense of accomplishment and ownership of their role in the team’s success. Your people will feel connected to their teams, and by extension, to the company as a whole. This sense of ownership encourages greater job satisfaction, company loyalty, and higher retention rates.

  1. Willingness to Take Risks

Team members who work alone are understandably concerned about taking risks: if an idea implodes, they take all the blame. This reticence could prevent your people from sharing potentially ground-breaking ideas.

A team shares its successes and failures. Any praise or blame is spread out among team members. This sense of a shared goal increases internal communication while giving employees a safe space in which to promote out-of-the-box thinking.

  1. Teams Attract Talent

Over the next decade, millennials and Gen-Z employees will make up the majority of the workplace. A generation known to value collaboration over competition, millennials understand and value the importance of teamwork and are attracted to companies that build teamwork into their corporate cultures. At EDAM, we know that by focusing on teamwork now we will attract new talent in the future.

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