World Class Service

At EDAM Group, delivering the best possible customer experience is fundamental to what we do. To demonstrate this commitment, we have introduced Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer loyalty metric that is universally recognised and widely adopted for assessing customer service excellence. NPS is used across all types of businesses, from retail to technology to services. We use NPS to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We can call ourselves the Market Leading Service Provider because we can evidence a world class NPS. NPS is a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely customers are to recommend a business to a friend. NPS is expressed as a number ranging from -100 to +100; a ‘positive’ score of 0 upwards is considered ‘good’. +50 is considered ‘excellent’ and above 70 is considered ‘world class’. We obtain our NPS rating by surveying all our customers once they have experienced our full service.

Here is some insight into a few global brands; Apple’s NPS is 47, McDonalds is -8, Nandos is 36, Nike is 30, Amazon is 25. Ours has been an average of 82 for the past twelve months. Quite simply, we are delivering ‘world class’ service to our customers.

What makes us so great? Our employees, and their passion and dedication to getting it right for our customers each and every time. We nurture a very people-orientated workplace, and place our employees as our highest priority. We fully believe in keeping our employees happy, and in turn they will keep our customers happy. After all, we are and have always been, ‘People Made, Service Driven’. An ideology that we will never lose.

Like us, our current and prospective business partners operate in a competitive environment. As each business looks to grow and attract new customers they seek out partnerships that help strengthen their own position. As we can evidence a Market Leading NPS which has been consistently +80. Many organisations are keen to explore working with us as they recognise the value we can bring to their clients.

We uphold our business partners own company values such as brand-for-brand replacement vehicles for dealerships, which in turn helps them to retain their customer’s business. We meet compliance requirements for insurers, whilst also minimising vehicle-off-road times for fleet management companies. Working with us helps them to position their services successfully.

We strive for great service as part of our Vision 2020, and this approach is also unlocking new and exciting opportunities. Business Partners can now see the value that we can add to their business.

If you are a decision maker in the insurance, dealership, fleet or bodyshop world, then get in touch with us today to see what a partnership with us can do for you

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