What's the Value in Values?

Having recently joined the business I’ve been getting to know how it ticks and what has been really refreshing for me is the way our people wholeheartedly live the business’ values. Quite often in an business values are used as a ‘smoke and mirrors’ exercise for marketing purposes, but I have learnt over the last few months how they are truly embedded in the DNA of how we operate.

One value that resonates particularly with me is integrity. EDAM will continue to operate with integrity at the heart of everything it does because it’s key to the sectors we are serving and it’s also about being able to offer the right services to our partners at the right price point.

Equally important is how we are perceived by the market we operate in and I want to ensure that when insurers, lawyers or claims organisations think of EDAM they know it’s a business that can be trusted, that operates with integrity and is easy to do business with. That’s the EDAM of today and for the future.

Another value that is really important is respectful. It’s important to set a standard internally within the business which, by default, then reflects externally. As a team we are respectful of each other and as a consequence we are hugely respectful of our clients. We are also especially respectful of the market in which we operate and of the insurer partners who are critical to ensuring that we are all able to work in a productive, frictionless environment where mutual respect is the norm.

One of the values that really doesn’t need to be specified at EDAM is Passionate. It’s everywhere. The passion that our people have for the business is tangible in every aspect of the service we provide the minute you walk through the door, its hugely invigorating. It’s one of the qualities which supported us through the last 18 months, probably one of the most challenging times that the world has faced and more so when your business relies on traffic being on the road. As a team we are passionate for delivering the very best service and our Net Promoter Score, which has been in the high 80’s year on year is market leading and something that I am very, very proud of.

The thing that really brings it all together is our One Team value. It’s one of those statements that is made in most organisations, but as we come together to redefine ourselves for the future there is a real sense that we are all in this together. Our passion for delivering the service, the integrity by which we operate and the respect we have for each other and the market defines us as One Team, and when we embrace all that, we are really powerful.

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