Having studied at college Harry was undecided on his next step regards his career. Despite all the guidance he received, he wasn’t 100% clear which direction he wanted to further his experience and learning.

Initially he trialled a role in sales in a printing business and found that wasn’t quite the direction he wanted to take so applied for one of the apprenticeship opportunities at EDAM. He researched the business and also got a good understanding of the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship so was well prepared for the selection process.

Apprenticeships form part of our overall ‘Grow Your Own’ strategy, which coupled with the Kickstart scheme and our in house training programmes which combined are designed to provide both personal and career development opportunities to support our future a business. We are delighted to have Harry on board and judging by his comments, he’s happy to be here too!

“The opportunity of the apprenticeship will allow me to gain the experience of working in an office while also gaining qualifications at the same time. The chance of earning money while learning will allow me to do things I love at home which consist of donating to charities, cryptocurrency and it gave me the chance to fund my playing football over the weekend. The opportunity of the apprenticeship will allow me to take more responsibility in what I was doing and allow me to have a consistent healthy routine.”

All our new recruits undertake a comprehensive induction programme to ensure they are well bedded into #Team EDAM. It sets the expectations for their role and provides them with a flavour of our culture and support provided. Harry seems to have already seen to already have a clear idea of what that means.

“What I’m enjoying most about the apprenticeship at EDAM so far is that everybody is valued and everybody works together as one team. Everyone is kind and respectful and will always be there to help when it’s needed.”

Asked what he would say to someone considering an apprenticeship to progress their career, he commented,

“It is the best way to start your career as you can develop your skills while earning. It allows you to bring the best out of yourself and be a better person.”

For more information about our Apprenticeships email or check out our current opportunities at

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