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Progression and Learning within EDAM

Our aim at EDAM is to continuously grow together, improving ourselves, our systems, our services, and processes to deliver best in class accident management services. It’s so important to us, in fact, that this is even reflected in our company values which are Empathy, Driven, Accountable and Making it happen for your customers.

We’ve been in the game for quite a while, navigating through numerous changes in the industry and job landscape. But, despite all that evolution, we stand firm on one timeless principle: taking care of our people is the key to them taking care of your customers.

Here at EDAM, we’ve always embraced this philosophy, making it a top priority to cultivate a robust and committed team that genuinely wants to be part of our journey.

We employ various strategies to achieve this, leading to a workforce with a passion for continuous growth within our company. So, let’s explore this in more detail, and look into what progression and learning is really like within EDAM.

We focus on training and upskilling

Our teams dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per month to tailored learning and development opportunities, which are either aligned with their current roles, offer insights into other areas they might be interested in across the business, or simply aim to support their personal growth and wellbeing. Our growth programs are competency-based, allowing staff to advance in the areas where they excel and find fulfilment.

We encourage a wide-spread generational workforce

Our commitment to a people-first approach extends to our internal culture.

For example, whilst we do have a dynamic call center with a younger demographic, they are also supported by more experienced team members who guide them in advancing their careers within different realms of the EDAM business, honing their skill sets. Likewise, our younger workforce offer their insights and knowledge into newer technologies, changing customer behaviour and how digital services can improve their experience, so it works both ways.

The EDAM team is made up of a huge range of experiences, and we celebrate the rich diversity that each person brings to the table. This sheer knowledge creates a dynamic feedback loop, where both experienced and newer team members contribute to a culture of innovation and adaptability.

In fact, our commitment to supporting career progression is evident in success stories like our Head of Fleet, who began their journey driving cars and now leads the entire department. This is a great example of the strong and transparent career progression opportunities and succession plans we have in place.

This is because at EDAM, we not only recognise the importance of nurturing talent at entry levels, but also ensure that every team member has a clear career map. Whether starting in an entry-level position or joining at a more advanced stage, our support plans guide our people towards reaching their professional goals, allowing us to foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

This commitment to variety, mentorship, and career progression is what sets us apart as a workplace where diverse experiences converge, creating a thriving community of professionals dedicated to achieving excellence.

And you know what? It really has worked for us, so much so that we have seen 13 internal promotions since January 2023 alone and has seen us celebrate the 10-year milestones of over 10 employees and recognised 30 others for their 5 years of service recently too. It’s a real drive for continuous improvement which not only fosters happier and more engaged people with a growing passion for customer service, but also builds a collective, deep understanding of the claims industry. This enables us to consistently deliver the best service possible, positioning ourselves as truly customer centric.

We shape “Trusted Leaders”

Our leadership development programme is tailored for current leaders, those aspiring to leadership roles and those seeking to enhance their skills.

The ‘Trusted Leader’ initiative is designed to empower our top talent, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to progress to the next level in their careers. Through this programme, employees focus on honing skills in performance management and coaching, strategic thinking and business acumen, values, accountability, communication, and change management.

What’s more, we also have our Trusted Cohort, which is a place where leaders can provide peer-to-peer coaching to help collaborate and solve problems. Together,  this forms a holistic approach to developing well-rounded and effective leaders within our organisation.

We follow a “GROW” framework

Central to our approach to personal development is our “GROW” framework, which ensures that employees across all levels have clarity on our Goals, receive Recognition for their contributions, find Opportunities for personal growth, all while prioritising Wellbeing.

Our steadfast commitment to continuous learning opens doors to entry-level opportunities where tailored support is provided right from day 1. To streamline the onboarding process, our transparent job grading framework ensures that new talent joining EDAM receives GROW job role materials, clearly outlining role-specific and company-wide competencies required for success.

As well as this, our Learning Hub also serves as a centralised platform for employee development, offering access to a variety of training options including technical and skills training for role-specific knowledge, as well as “One Team Talks” designed to enhance commercial awareness. It’s our comprehensive approach to fostering growth and development at every level within the organisation.

And finally, we promote a healthy work-life balance

We understand that our people value their well-being and expect a healthy work-life balance when working for EDAM. To our staff, this balance is as valuable as monetary compensation, and so we made it a priority to pay just as much attention as they do.

In fact, nearly 20% of our organisation enjoying flexible working arrangements, and our hybrid-working model offers a 50:50 split between office and remote work, providing employees with the flexibility of working without the daily commute hassle.

We also actively encourage well-being days, so much so that every single member of staff receives a full day off purely to focus on their well-being, and we have a team of trained mental health first responders as well as a first-class employee assistance program to support them no matter what too.

But most importantly, our inclusive approach ensures that we not only meet the diverse needs of our entire workforce but also embrace the unique strengths that neurodiversity brings to our teams. By recognising and valuing these neurodiverse talents, we enhance overall job satisfaction, creating a workplace that thrives on diversity and fosters a supportive, healthy environment for all team members.

Neurodiversity enriches our teams with a wide range of perspectives, problem-solving approaches, and creativity, contributing to a dynamic and innovative work culture. But here at EDAM, embracing neurodiversity isn’t just about meeting an obligation; it’s about unlocking the full potential of our workforce and empowering every individual to thrive and excel in their roles.

This commitment not only benefits our employees but also elevates our organisation, making it a place where everyone can contribute their unique strengths and achieve their highest potential.

Progress and Learn with EDAM

In a time when the emerging workforce seeks more from their employers, EDAM acknowledges the importance of setting ourselves apart to attract the right people.

We recognise that our employee value proposition must be distinctive, placing a significant emphasis on development, and the investment in our people has become indispensable for business success.

To us, our “people strategy” needs to offer a clear sense of purpose, effective leadership, and avenues for personal growth. That’s what makes us different, and that’s what works.

To find out more about us, reach out today.