At EDAM, we know being involved in a collision can be stressful. However, we are here to help your customer when they need it most.


EDAM Group provides a market leading service delivering credit hire that fulfils a customer’s legal entitlement to a comparable replacement vehicle when they have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not their fault.

Our service is delivered by our team of highly trained industry experts, each specialised in their own particular stage of the customer journey. Backed by our bespoke and configurable in house technology solutions which provide clear structure and process, thus ensuring that your customer is always kept up to date and notified of key changes as their claim progresses.

Working to industry-recognised standards, we manage the customer’s claim while their vehicle is being repaired and the cost of the replacement is recovered from the at-fault party.

Our service levels are constantly monitored and evidenced in our outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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At EDAM Group, delivering the best possible customer experience is fundamental to what we do. To demonstrate this commitment, we have introduced NPS, a customer-loyalty metric that is universally recognised and widely adopted for assessing customer service excellence.
Our Fleet
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We own and operate a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles, with a wide variety of types and models. These include standard, prestige, sports, 4x4s, taxis and light commercial vehicle (LCV) marques.
Our Markets
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EDAM is the largest privately owned credit hire and post-accident services provider, operating its own fleet and working across a broad range of sectors.