core values

What do our mission and vision stand for at EDAM?

At EDAM, we’re a team dedicated to you. Our people share our values, and with our business purpose at the centre of everything we do, we have made it a priority over the past 2 and a half years to be nothing but authentic and transparent.

From sharing a common goal of being be the best we can be, to having the spirit to continuously improve, everyone at EDAM shares the same collective passion for service excellence.

Unlike most motor services, our goal isn’t to be the biggest in our market, it’s actually to be the most sustainable, and one which always delivers a successful resolution for our customers.

And whilst we understand that ultimately, our job is just to help facilitate automotive claims services, we will still make every effort to do that with integrity and a focussed commitment to service.

What is our purpose at EDAM?

Putting it simply, we’re here to make a difficult journey easier. We care, it’s embedded in everything we do and everything we are. 

Our aim is to continuously grow together, improving ourselves, our systems, our services, and processes to deliver best in class accident management services. It’s so important to us, in fact, that this is even reflected in our own business name, with EDAM standing for Empathy, Driven, Accountable and Making it happen for your customers.

At EDAM, we do what it says on the tin. Our post-accident management services have been built upon us working with authenticity, transparency, and integrity, and we offer complete certainty to our customers that when we do something, we will always do it the right way.

What this means for us:

We’ve been around a long time, and even throughout the many industry and employment changes we’ve seen over the years, we still believe that one very important rule still stands:

If you take care of your people, they’ll take care of your customers. 

That’s something we’ve always believed in here at EDAM, and so we make it a priority to build up a strong, dedicated team who want to stay with our business.

We use a number of different routes to do this, and it’s led to a workforce which have the desire to continuously grow with our business. For example, our teams commit 2 hours per month to training modules that fit with their current roles or provide insight into other roles they may be considering across the business, and all of our growth programmes are competency based, allowing staff to progress in the areas they most excel at and enjoy.

And of course, our focus on being people first stretches to our internal culture too, in ways such as our younger demographic call centre supported by our more experienced team members, guiding them in progressing their careers into different areas of the EDAM business and really building up their skillsets.

As a result of this, we created a total of 13 internal promotions since January 2023 alone, as well as celebrated more than 10 employees who reached their 10-year anniversaries, and a further 30 who achieved their 5 years’ service recognition too.

This passion for continuous improvement has not only led to happier, more engaged people, who’s passion for customer service grows, but also allows us to build a collective, deep understanding of the claims industry, so that we can continue to offer the best service possible and truly shape ourselves in being completely customer centric.

What this means for you:

From inception to resolution, our operation is made up of a carefully selected network of bodyshops and modern fleet of vehicles, which are co-ordinated seamlessly to deliver an industry leading proposition.

  • A connected eco-system which, through our own proprietary claims management system, we can seamlessly link into each part of our service delivery and supply chain network to ensure we have complete visibility of every aspect of each case.
  • Connected API integrations to collect and manage data from every aspect of our service,  and then present this back in a way that’s best for our partners.
  • Our customer centric team, where each one of our partners are managed by a single dedicated team, built up of handlers, a team leader and a manager who are all on hand throughout each case to offer a single point of contact and familiarity with the end customer throughout the entire process.
  • Our fully owned fleet with nationwide coverage, complete with a selection of standard and prestige through to commercial vehicles, which is consistently checked and maintained through our in-house team after every hire period to ensure that our fleet is perfectly presented, every time.
  • The assurance that our fleet is large enough to cover all your customers’ needs for mobility, offering a comprehensive credit hire provision when and if required.
  • A nationwide coverage from which our national network ensures that we can always deliver vehicles quickly and efficiently from the closest geographical location.
  • The option to have fleet vehicles delivered at a time and location which is most suitable for you and your customers, transported by our contracted drivers will help your customer to fully understands how to operate the vehicle safely before leaving.
  • And finally, our USP, which is that you will only ever deal with an EDAM employee. Whether that’s out multi-skilled teams working across FNOL and invoicing, to our drivers who wear their officially branded EDAM uniforms. Everyone working across an EDAM case represents our brand, and that means upholding our purpose.

Your trusted partner

Here at EDAM, we take care to ensure that each element of our service is delivered transparently with the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency.

Our entire team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the most comprehensive and best in class accident management services, but we completely appreciate that the industry hasn’t had the best reputation in the past.

That’s why we’ve made significant strides in our efforts to turn this around, and we’re proud to say that EDAM have been partnering with Insurers, Brokers, MGAs, TPAs and CMCs alike for over 20 years to build a reputable network.

This means that we’re committed to providing customers with products and services that meet their needs and always offer fair value, provide clear communications about products, terms, and conditions so it’s easy for customers to make informed decisions, respect all customers’ needs and offer genuinely helpful customer support which is easy to access.

But above all, we’re here to do a very important job, and that is to make a difficult journey easier.

And you can rest assured, we will do everything in our power to make that happen.         

To find out more about us, reach out today.