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Mobility solutions
Mobility solutions

Driving delight.

With thousands of vehicles to choose from, we know we have the right vehicle waiting for your customers. Our modern fleet has no vehicles more than 5 years old, plus we add new models each and every month.

With a choice of standard, prestige and commercial vehicles we can guarantee to give a like for like vehicle to keep your customer moving when they need it most.

Steering satisfaction.

Our team will ensure the handover is completed professionally and properly. The driver will be shown the ins and outs of the vehicle so they have complete peace of mind that they can operate the vehicle during their hire.

The customer will only ever deal with an EDAM team member, who will arrange collection and pick up at a location best suited for them as not to interrupt their busy lifestyle.

Mobility solutions
Mobility solutions
Mobility solutions

Your customer’s needs

 shape our fleet.

Our fleet consists of a range of vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

As demand for SUVs increased, we added more 7 seaters.

Our fleet is 13% hybrid and EV to meet demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

When your customer sees the EDAM uniform, they’ll know they’re in good hands.

When your customer sees the EDAM uniform, they’ll know they’re in
 good hands.

From start to finish they were fantastic, professional and the quality of the car that was provided for myself excelled my expectations, fantastic! I cannot recommend highly enough and all the people I spoke to on the phone were outstanding in every way.

A personal service... ...from the second you call, to the moment the vehicle is collected.