supply chain

Why EDAM’s supply chain relationships ensure you can deliver on your customer promise.

Here at EDAM, we’ve created a nationwide supply chain network with leading and well-established partners, all of which whom combine seamlessly to offer the very best in post-accident management services.

Our supply chain relationship is so close to our hearts at EDAM, so much so that it’s even reflected in our own brand and values. EDAM stands for Empathy, Driven, Accountable and Making it happen for your customers. It’s our commitment to you that we’ll uphold these values at all times, helping to deliver on your customer promise no matter what.

But how do we do that exactly?

A nationwide repair network to be proud of.

Thanks to our national network of trusted repairers, we guarantee that repairs are completed efficiently and effectively to ensure your claimant is back on the road in their own car in no time at all.

To do this, our repairers are all carefully selected and sign up to our high service standards and service level agreements to ensure customer satisfaction. Through our close relationships with our supply chain we’re able to have ultimate control over turnaround times and quality of repairs all at the best possible rates.

We also manage our supply chain network though our own proprietary claims management system, which seamlessly links into each part of our service delivery network to ensure we have total visibility of every aspect of our business, and each case.

This system is all connected through open API integrations, which allows us to collect and manage data from every aspect of our service and present this back in the preferred ways for our partners.

All of suppliers are recognised and treated as partners where a healthy and positive relationship is a cornerstone of our approach. We work with a “repair council” made of senior leaders from our suppliers who guide us on trends, issues, and our approach to not only repair but engineering, salvage, and recovery of vehicles. These quarterly councils ensure we operate as a true partner who flexes in line with the dynamics of the markets we support.

Your customer’s needs shape our fleet.

Our modern fleet of cars ensures we know we have the right vehicle for your customers during a time when they need it most.

Fleet evolution is a constant focus where we add new models each and every month, ensuring that we are able to guarantee to keep your customer moving in a way which fits their needs and lifestyle.

But we also completely understand that your customers are busy people, and we’re here to help take as much stress away as possible for them. Whether that’s by ensuring the vehicle handover is completed professionally and properly, with your customers being shown the ins and outs of the vehicle so they have complete peace of mind, to arranging a collection and pick up location best suited for them as not to interrupt their busy lifestyle.

When your customers see the EDAM uniform, they’ll know they’re in good hands.

If you ask us, building relationships is all about creating a 1 on 1 bond. It’s about connecting with real people who have real emotions and real priorities, and building trust that makes your customers feel safe and supported at all times.

That’s why at EDAM, we’ve made it an absolute must in our supply chain to ensure that customers only ever deal with an EDAM employee throughout their entire journey, including the delivery and collection of the hire car.  

Our customer centric team structure ensures that your customer will be served by a small, dedicated group who will ensure they receive a bespoke level of service and that we become a natural extension of your brand.

With us, there’s no AI chat-bot, automated phone message or any toing and froing between different departments. We cut through all that noise and go straight to the source; your customers, personally, and delivering your service promise to the best of our abilities.

We set standards higher than a skyscraper.

For over 20 years, we’ve built a reputation of trust, providing partnerships and a connected community to support every aspect of the post-accident journey.

We pride ourselves as being the experts that care, and when your customers put their trust in your business to take care of them and their vehicle, we take this very seriously.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build the strongest relationship with our supply chain, ensuring that we only partner with the best in the businesses to enhance our services.

To us, it’s never enough to do the job; we want to exceed expectations and deliver on your customer promise through thick and thin.

Our fleet are ready for hire, our team are ready to help and our company is ready to partner.

At EDAM, we’re a team dedicated to you. Our people share our values, and with Simon Gallimore and Nikki Nagra heading up our company, they both lead our teams by embedding our principles into the work they do each and every day.

From sharing a common goal in being driven to be the best we can be, to having the spirit to continuously improve, everyone ay EDAM shares the same collective passion for service excellence. So much so that our mission is to continuously grow together, improving ourselves, our systems, our services, and processes to deliver best in class accident management services.

Together, our entire team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver best in class accident management services, and we’re proud to say that we have been partnering with Insurers, Brokers, MGAs, TPAs and CMCs alike for over 20 years to build a reputable network.

But above all, we’re here to do a very important job, and that is to make a difficult journey easier. And you can rest assured that with EDAM, we will do everything in our power to make that happen.          

To find out more about us, reach out today.